The Average Digg User...

  1. Doesn't like Microsoft
  2. Uses Mozilla Firefox
  3. Thinks Apple users are too obsessed
  4. Likes shiny things
  5. Has nothing important to say about an article
  6. Doesn't like Digg's comment system
  7. Is 13-26 years old
  8. Prefers to obtain music and video illegally, even when the legal way is easier
  9. Is cheap
  10. Can't write very well
  11. Complains when bloggers submit their own work
  12. Likes the "Bury" button too much
  13. Complains about WordPress, and enjoys pointing out that "the site went down after 20 diggs"
  14. Blocks ads
  15. Is as mature as a 13-year-old
  16. Hides behind their online alter-ego and flames everyone
  17. Is intelligent enough to not use MySpace
  18. Is overly sensationalistic
  19. Would do anything for a free iPhone
  20. Has too much extra time
  21. Is unaware that most front-page stories were put there by a select few "elite" diggers whose votes carry more weight
  22. Will digg anything with the words Firefox, Digg, Steve Jobs, RIAA, iPhone, Apple, Microsoft, or Linux in the title
  23. Buries things too often
  24. Likes headlines with large numbers in them
  25. Assumes that people only write with the purpose of making it to the Digg front page.
  26. Needs to get a life
  27. Is only looking for entertainment
Are you an average Digg user? I hope I'm not.

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