The Digg Experiment

Can you make it to the Digg front page in twenty posts or less?

That's the goal of The Digg Experiment.

I will blog, and try to get my posts onto the front page. I'll try everything in my blogger's arsenal to meet my goal. Remember, from now on, there will be a 20-post limit.

What does it take to get to the front page? Let's find out.


Deege said...

To get your article on the front page, you need around 20 people to digg your article shortly after submission. Of course, if you keep using the same 20 people, they will put you on auto bury.

That or have a blog with tons of traffic. I think that's why Stumble and Thoof are starting to take off!

Digg Experiment said...
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redwall_hp said...

Well, good luck.